“I’m only a Republican and a Taxpayer, but I can’t trace my lineage to the Mayflower so I don’t count.”

There was an interesting e-mail exchange between Republican State Chairman Tom Wilson and conservative strategist Rick Shaftan:

From: Tom Wilson [mailto:info@njgop.org]
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007 10:01 AM
To: shaftan@earthlink.net
Subject: Share Your Property Tax Horror Stories

Dear Republicans,

It’s time to give the Democrats a reality check. Share with us your property tax horror stories.

Share your property tax “horror stories” and read more about the Republican Blueprint for Property Tax Reform, which would guarantee a permanent 30 percent property tax credit. You can share with Republican elected officials your story by going here.

The Democrats promised bold action six years in a row to lower property taxes but did just about everything imaginable to actually guarantee higher property taxes. When they finally agreed to our Republican’s call for a special session to deal with the property tax crisis, the outcome was nothing more than a warmed over rebate program that will not even undue the damage they did by freezing state aid each year.

So far we heard from middle class families who said they can no longer afford to live in New Jersey because of high property taxes and are planning to leave. We also heard from despairing senior citizens who said they have reached a point where they can’t pay their bills and keep up with rising property taxes.

Are you fed up with Corzine’s plan to sell the our state’s toll roads?

Selling New Jersey’s Turnpike, Parkway and Expressway from one state agency to another is just another budget gimmick that won’t solve the state’s long term budget and tax problems but will guarantee 50 years of annual toll increases.

Sign our petition and tell the Trenton politicians to stop selling our toll roads.

Please act immediately. We can’t solve the property tax mess and return common sense to state government without your help.

Shaftan's response:

Tom, my problem isn't the property tax. It's the income tax. You might be surprised to learn that most people who vote for your candidates pay more in stateincome tax than property tax and that's thanks to "Republicans" refusing to pass tax indexing in the eight years they had complete control of Trenton. Couple that with the sales tax and the property tax pales compared to those two for those of us "rich" taxpayers earning over $150K a year.

Your agenda sounds like something Codey and Corzine put together. I'm still waiting to hear which one of the McGreevey-Codey-Corzine 94 tax increases the state "Republicans" want to see repealed. Does the state GOP support the 7% sales tax? How about the $500 Small Business Tax? How about the 9% income tax bracket? What about the other 91 tax increases, many of which "Republicans" in the legislature supported.

You people are pathetic. You'll be lucky to hold the 48 seats you have nowin this November's election– a long way from the 85 "Republicans" held on the day Christie Whitman was elected.

A conspiracy theorist would say that you were really on the Democrats payroll, but that would be ridiculous. Why would the Democrats pay you when you are doing their bidding for free?

I was never a Chuck Haytaian fan, but at least this guy wanted to win instead of roll over in the hope that he would get invited to someone's Christmas Party, or whatever you people call your celebrations in December these days — I think the term "Winter Festival" is the PC one people use.

Here's one more prediction — if the Highway sale passes it will be because of the votes of defeated "Republican" legislatorsbought off in the Lame Duck session with the promise of a nice pension-boosting jobin the final two years of the Corzine Administration.

But what do I know? I'm only a Republican and a Taxpayer, but I can't trace my lineage to the Mayflower so I don't count.

  “I’m only a Republican and a Taxpayer, but I can’t trace my lineage to the Mayflower so I don’t count.”