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Lots of new media stories up today! 

In the Beauchamp battle, Michael Calderone talks to the New Republic's Franklin Foer and Weekly Standard's Michael Goldfarb.  

Get your freak on: Felix Gillette reports on the New York Times gobbling up

Political consultants and publishing gurus ponder Oprah Winfrey’s first foray into politics, as Felix Gillette and Leon Neyfakh report.

Julia Heming caught up with the Wall Street Journal's Paul Steiger in Beijing, where he's talking about human rights violations against journalists in China as the Olympics approach. What would Rupert say?

Portfolio reports on George Steinbrenner's declining health and the New York papers follow. That is, except the Times. Michael Calderone asks why. 

Jason Horowitz hangs with the YearlyKos crowd in Chicago.

And Hearst keeps buying up land around their tower, says John Koblin. 

In Today’s Observer