Is Adler gearing up for challenge to Saxton? reported in July that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman John Adler met with staff at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington last month to discuss a possible run for Congress next year against incumbent James Saxton. In what might be the opening salvo of that campaign, the Courier-Post ran Adler's Letter to the Editor criticizing Saxton's record on the Iraq War:

The American people sent a message to Washington last November: It's time to change direction and end the war in Iraq.

A year later, a record number of U.S. troops are in Iraq, and our Rep. Jim Saxton, R-Ocean, continues his blind support of President Bush's failed leadership on the war.

Saxton recently voted against guaranteeing that our troops, between deployments, have the rest they need and time to spend with their families and in training for their next mission. Saxton talks a lot about supporting our troops in the field. Yet he allowed the president to send our soldiers into a war without giving them a plan to win the peace.

Supporting our troops starts with strong, independent leadership that insists they have the best training, the best equipment and enough rest to be successful. Both Bush and Saxton have failed to do this. Our troops, and their families, are paying the price.

It's time for a new direction to the war and new leadership in Washington.

The continuing loss of life is the worst possible consequence of not changing our course in Iraq. But, unfortunately, it is not the only consequence. With every vote that Saxton casts in support of continuing the president's approach, he forces New Jersey's taxpayers to continue shouldering the staggering financial burden of the war — having now spiraled to more than $10 billion per month.

Considering how much middle-class American families are struggling to make ends meet, I think that's the wrong choice. Instead, we need to better educate our children, make college more affordable, help more seniors afford their medication, and safely bring America's sons and daughters home from Iraq.

Sen. John Adler

Is Adler gearing up for challenge to Saxton?