It’s probably a moot issue

What happens if Joseph Coniglio doesn't want to get pushed out of the State Senate? The conventional wisdom is that he won't buck Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joseph Ferriero, who has already decided that Coniglio needs to drop his bid for re-election to a third term. But legally, the decision belongs to Coniglio.

Unless the Senator decides not to run, there is nothing Bergen County Democrats can do to force him off the ballot. And Trenton Democratic sources say that the Senate Democrats — specifically Senate President Richard Codey — will not abandon the 38th district seat, even if Coniglio's legal woes threaten their hold on it.

Ferriero can, of course, pull party organizational support, and even threaten the job of the Senator's wife, Valerie Coniglio, who is the Clerk of the Democrat-controlled Bergen County Board of Freeholders. It’s probably a moot issue