Katie Lee, Caterer (Sort Of?): Billy Joel’s Wife Is Saucy Young Thing

Celebrities are not ashamed to enjoy the smooth and easy stylings of Dave Matthews! Famous faces paying $3000 for Mr. Matthews’ show in East Hampton on Saturday, July 28, the second concert in the Hampton Social @ Ross series, included comic actor Adam Sandler, actress-singer Mandy Moore, and Sopranos stars Edie Falco and Aida Turturro. “Edie even took of her shoes and was dancing,” said an attendee. Also present? Soft-rocker Billy Joel, 58, and his wife, Katie Lee Joel, 26.

The Joels were there in part to scout the venue: Mr. Joel will be performing as part of the same series on Saturday, August 4th, and Ms. Joel, a culinary personality who has appeared on Top Chef, is in the process of designing a dinner menu for the sold-out crowd.

"While she was there she was coming up with some fun menu ideas," said the source. "She was like, 'Maybe I'll make some of Billy's favorite desserts.'"

Apparently Mr. Joel is a man of considerable appetites. A working menu for the evening exclusively obtained by the Transom includes five desserts—banana pudding, peach cobbler, chocolate and peanut butter cake, strawberry shortcake, and red-velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting—five cold appetizers and five hot, three entrees (including “Billy’s Marinated Skirt Steaks”—slurp!), four side dishes and two kinds of bread..

Ms. Joel, however, will be free to enjoy her husband’s performance; she only oversees the menu. Caterer Robbins Wolffe will prepare the food.




  Katie Lee, Caterer (Sort Of?): Billy Joel’s Wife Is Saucy Young Thing