Kleinberg denies he cursed at minor

Marlboro Township Mayor Robert Kleinberg this week denied that he used bad language in dressing down a minor at a Bar Mitzvah in Old Bridge.

Marlene Alterman filed a July 27th harassment complaint against Kleinberg with the Old Bridge Township Police Department, alleging that at a June 16th party at a catering place on Route 9 the mayor called her 12-year old son an obscenity, then followed him outside and again addressed the child using foul language.

"I didn’t use profanity," Kleinberg said. "I yelled at a kid who had pushed my daughter and stuck his (middle) finger in her face."

Embroiled in a contentious first year re-election campaign against attorney Jonathan Hornik, a Democrat, Kleinberg said he told Alterman’s child, "Don’t do that to my daughter."

According to the police report Marlene Alterman filed with Old Bridge Police Officer Michael Pizza, her son was "at the Bar Mitzvah when he was playing with a group of kids giving each other the middle finger sign. Robert Kleinberg’s daughter was at the party as well and saw these gestures."

Kleinberg’s daughter told the mayor about "the game," according to the report Alterman filed with the police, and Kleinberg responded by twice calling Alterman’s son an expletive.

"I don’t curse," said the mayor. "Ask people who know me and they’ll tell you." Kleinberg denies he cursed at minor