Lautenberg slams Gonzales

U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg on the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales:

“Alberto Gonzales’ tenure as Attorney General was marred by misconduct, mistakes and manipulation of the truth. His resignation was long overdue and President Bush’s blind loyalty to Mr. Gonzales hurt our country and our system of justice. The President needs to put partisanship and divisiveness aside, and nominate a new Attorney General who will rise above politics and respect the rule of law.”

From Rep. Frank Pallone:

"I hope that today's long overdue resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will be a first step toward restoring public confidence in the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). However, the serious issues that arose during Mr. Gonzales' time as Attorney General must continue to be thoroughly investigated. The DOJ's mission to ensure justice for all Americans is critically important. The American people deserve an Attorney General who is committed to executing the duties of this office comprehensively and ethically."

From Rep. Bill Pascrell:

“Attorney General Gonzales’s reign over the Justice Department was nothing short of shameful, and this resignation is long past due. Mr. Gonzales evaded Congressional oversight and betrayed the public trust for three years. Now he will be gone from office, but his actions will not go unanswered by this Congress. We will continue to investigate the abuses that were perpetrated under his rule and attempt to rebuild the public’s confidence in our justice system.

“The confirmation process of a new Attorney General will set a stage for Congress to ask important questions about the Administration’s abuse of the FISA law. It is another chance for Congress to return appropriate safeguards to the civil rights and liberties that make up the foundation of our democracy.”

Lautenberg slams Gonzales