‘Little Things’ Take Toll on Hingis

After her shaky second-round win today, I asked Martina Hingis if she felt 100 percent. Her response wasn't totally clear.

"Well, it was very intense last six days. Always a lot of people. Yesterday also with the doubles…You know, you get out here, it's 11, probably get out of here it's 7, 8."

Does that mean she's tired?

"No, I mean, a little bit when you're trying to be intense. Like I said, there's so much going on, so much action all the time, and so many people you're looking at …And then also it took us an hour to get here this morning. It's just all these little things."

Maybe she has a lot on her mind, sort of like this unfortunate mention in Page 6 today.

‘Little Things’ Take Toll on Hingis