Maybe Next Time They Can Just Ask You About All of Kristol’s Iraq Assertions

I was all done posting Larry Craig-related items, but I couldn't resist this one.

A few minutes ago, MSNBC ran a report on the scandal and then called on three talking heads to discuss it. The whole segment ran about five minutes. One of the participants was Matthew Continetti of the neocon rag the Weekly Standard, who used half of his alotted time to express his utter indignation that MSNBC would devote time to something as tawdry as the Craig matter while ignoring a recent Newsweek report about al-Qaeda. "I think it says something about American media that we’re talking about Senator Craig and not this very important piece in Newsweek," Continetti harrumphed.

Which, of course, raises the question: If talking about Craig is so offensive, why did you agree to do the segment?

And while we're at it, let's not let Continetti try to write off the Craig matter as just another cheap sex scandal. Doesn't the revelation that one of the Republican Party's most conservative members — a man who has stood and cheered, if not led the way, as the party has demonized gay people and sought to etch into the Constitution of the United States laguage explicity denying rights based upon sexual orientation — is himself gay warrant some serious discussion?

**UPDATE (2:02): Appearing on MSNBC, Mike Duncan, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, just called the Craig scandal a" Democrat effort to take the focus away from a very unpopular Democrat Congress.” Which is odd, since if anything, it's distracted attention from Alberto Gonzales' resignation.

Maybe Next Time They Can Just Ask You About All of Kristol’s Iraq Assertions