Mirnyi Beats Baghdatis

In the first big upset of the day, no. 18 Marcos Baghdatis just lost to Max Mirnyi in four sets.

Baghdatis, the doughy 22-year old from Cyprus, was on a short list of young stars who was expected to have a breakout US Open. Remember it was Baghdatis who was on the short-end of that absurdly, amazingly spirited second-round match last year that Andre Agassi won in five sets. It only seemed right that he finally have a big Open this year, where he’s never finished better than the second round.

Baghdatis’s serve broke down on him today: his first-serve percentage was at 36 percent. In a fourth-set tiebreak, Baghdatis was up 5-1 but
ultimately lost 8-6.

By the way: we kinda called this one and called it our match of the day.

We’ll catch up with Marcos in a few minutes and try to figure out what
exactly went wrong.

Mirnyi Beats Baghdatis