More on the Anatomy of an Anti-Spitzer Campaign

I got an email this morning from the author of the latest round of anti-Eliot Spitzer emails being sent from the address The web site was registered on August 14th and has been a source of regular dispatches about Spitzer’s shortcomings.

The sender’s name is Sergio Rodriguez, and he is running for office in Buffalo. He asked not to be quoted but provided the following information:

He is the chairman of the Walter J. Mahoney Republican Club (which may or may not really exist). A member of the group does the graphic design, and the pieces are then emailed to reporters and activists. Rodriquez said he is not working with Roger Stone or Michael Captuo, two other Republican operatives working hard to get the anti-Spitzer message out there.

As for who actually gets the mail, Rodriquez says he rented some Conservative email lists and got email addresses for reporters from a friend with the Giuliani campaign. More on the Anatomy of an Anti-Spitzer Campaign