Obama Wins The Brzezinski Primary….And Other Left-Overs

New Fox News poll: Dodd leads Gravel, 1 percent to 0

Barack Obama now has something in common with George H.W. Bush: They’ve both been endorsed by Zbigneiew Brzezinski

Just what John Edwards needs – a reminder of his trial lawyer past

Does Charles Hurt also think that the latest National Intelligence Estimate was written by ‘Defeatocrats?’

John Warner’s call for a troop withdrawal might have been toothless, but he has slowed the White House’s public relations momentum.

And another influential voice calls for a troop reduction

Wait, you mean Mitt Romney wasn’t a conservative in Massachusetts?

…have Republicans in South Carolina figured it out?

When the Animal Fighting Prohibition Act came before Congress in March, did anyone think it would end up as a campaign issue?

Michigan’s hold-out Democrats endorse their state’s proposed January 15th primary (some had wanted a caucus instead, which might have favored John Edwards). Will all of the candidates campaign there, or boycott in deference to New Hampshire and Iowa?

Manuel Noriega wins a European vacation

That’ll do it for today. Enjoy the 200-degree weather tomorrow… Obama Wins The Brzezinski Primary….And Other Left-Overs