Obama’s Ready to Lead

To the Editor:

Re “The Transformer” [July 23]:

I think it’s worth noting—and this often gets left out—that Barack Obama has held elected office for longer than either Hillary Clinton or John Edwards.

He was an Illinois state senator for much of that time, working closely with people on their day-to-day problems. He also taught constitutional law and worked as a community organizer to help those who were disenfranchised.

Who better than a professor of constitutional law to restore habeas corpus and our right to not be spied on without a warrant? He has championed open government, ethics reform, and campaign finance reform throughout his whole public life. And he is the only candidate to have the foresight to be against the war from the beginning.

Now, tell me who really has better experience for leading this country? I think the answer is clear.

Bryan Barash
Selden, N.Y.
Obama’s Ready to Lead