On the Way to the Forum

To the Editor:

I would like to offer an additional perspective to Jason Horowitz’s coverage of YearlyKos [“Senator Clinton, Itchy Kos Crowd in Bloggy Battle,” Aug. 13], particularly regarding Senator Hillary Clinton’s appearance there.

Besides Mrs. Clinton and Bill Richardson, the Edwards and Obama campaigns had booths at the convention. The exhibition hall was located in two adjoining rooms, with the Clinton and Richardson booths being located in one, and Edwards and Obama in the other.

Mrs. Clinton’s booth had a poster confirming her appearance because we believed that she had stood us up. All the candidates hosted “breakout” sessions following the forum. Convention-goers were required to choose one, and only one, session to attend, and given a color-coded wristband, as we checked in.

The night before the forum, we were informed that Mrs. Clinton would not be attending her session. Since the other front-running candidates’ sessions had long since filled (unlike Mrs. Clinton’s), we who had chosen to see her were left out in the cold. We were understandably upset at this apparent slight.

In fact, the cause was a mix-up between the organizing committee and her office. Thanks to some hard work on both their parts, it was resolved and a session was scheduled, but before the forum, not after. Although we knew (thanks to that poster) that we’d see the senator after all, we didn’t hear about the time change until 20 minutes before the event. Three hundred of us chose to forgo another event (and skip lunch) in order to see Mrs. Clinton on her schedule rather than ours.

Cheryl Krauss
Brooklyn On the Way to the Forum