Poll: Bloomberg, Kelly Up

Quinnipiac has a poll out today showing New Yorkers think Michael Bloomberg is effective, if not particularly warm and fuzzy.

He wins a hypothetical re-election in 2009 over a fantasy field of candidates including Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani (imagine those campaign ads!).

As for the popularity of Bloomberg’s potential mayoral replacements, the poll showed Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who’s been making the rounds and hiring some new people, leading the pack of likely mayoral candidates with a 62 – 25 percent job approval rating. That figure includes 81 percent from Republicans and 62 percent from Democrats. And only 13 percent of people were undecided about him.

Here are the numbers for other likely mayoral candidates: Christine Quinn has a 44 – 16 percent job approval rating; Bill Thompson has an approval rating of 41 – 12, and Betsy Gotbaum’s approval rating is 39 – 18. Each had more than 40 percent of people undecided. Poll: Bloomberg, Kelly Up