Puharic and Scudiery spar in Monmouth

Adam Puharic and Vic Scudiery this week speared each other with jabs in the general election free-for-all called Monmouth County politics.
Puharic, the 30-something chairman of the county Republican Party, can take some delight in the fact that county government has historically been Republican, but Scudiery, his old warhorse counterpartwith the county Democratic Party, means to take advantage of changing demographics in the one-time sleepy swathe of horse farms turned into a checkerboard of bedroom build-out.

So it was the impatient Scudiery and the Democrats who struck last week with a mid-summer mail piece raking county government under GOP control. The opening barrage left Puharic and the Republicans stunned at first – then smirking in response.

"It’s early," said Puharic. "It’s incredibly early. You’re talking about an attack mail piece that hit mailboxes on July 21st. What that tells me is they’ve done some polling and they’re scared."

Countered Scudiery, "Just the opposite. Our polls are looking very good. We just keep reminding people about what’s going on in the county with Republican control. It hasn't changed in years."

Puharic will welcome Anne Estabrook to a $300-a-plate fundraiser for the Monmouth County Republican Party tonight. The county chairman is on the prospective U.S. Senate candidate’s exploratory committee.

"We're going to raise more than last year," said Puharic, when the GOP raised between $130,000 and $160,000.

Puharic and Scudiery spar in Monmouth