Questions About Bovis

Here’s a snippet of a community board meeting in Manhattan last night about the construction work at the former Deutsche Bank building, where two firemen were killed and two more injured in a seperate incident afterwards.

The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which is jointly controlled by the governor and the mayor, hired as the general contractor for the site a company called Bovis Lend Lease. Bovis, in turn, hired as a subcontractor the John Galt Corporation, who Bovis has since fired.

Several investigations are now underway.

But residents at the meeting last night wondered how Galt was hired in the first place, since the company had no experience doing the kind of work they were contracted to do, and allegedly had ties to organized crime.

In the clip above, Bovis Executive Vice President Mark Melson (right) and Senior Vice President James Abadie (left) are asked that question by a local resident.

"Who forced your hand? Was it the former governor? Was it the former governor’s mentor, Al D’Amato? Who was that person," the resident asked.

Melson said he doesn't know. Questions About Bovis