Questions We’d Like to Ask

Kudos to the Jersey Journal for its report confirming the tragic circumstances surrounding NJ Senate Majority Leader Bernie Kenny’s (D-33) recent accident.

Still, many unanswered questions remain for the Journal and other news outlets:

When conflicting accounts first began to emerge, why didn’t anyone ask what Kenny was wearing the morning of the accident? Was he outfitted in running attire or clothed in business casual? Surely emergency response personnel on the scene or hospital attendees must have taken noticed?

Who was Kenny scheduled to meet with that morning? What did they think when he did not show up for the meeting?

Is there an ongoing police investigation now that we know a hit-and-run accident occurred? Where are all those CSI-like video cameras poised on the neighborhood streets?

And more importantly, has anyone asked the public works department if they repaired that pothole Kenny says he fell into? Questions We’d Like to Ask