Quinn Returning Hsu Money Too [UPDATE: SO’S EVERYONE ELSE]

Christine Quinn is returning a $4,950 contribution she received from controversial donor Norman Hsu, a spokesman for her campaign, Mark Guma, told me.

Hsu also contributed to Anthony Weiner and Bill Thompson, who along with Quinn, are eyeing a possible race for mayor in 2009. Spitzer has decided to return contributions he received from Hsu as has Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE: An aide to Weiner said the congressman will return Hsu's contributions. An aide to Thompson said Hsu's contribution will be donated to charity. A campaign aide to John Liu said they refunded Hsu's contribution last night.

UPDATE: Andrew Cuomo’s director of communications said the Hsu contributions received by Cuomo would be donated to charity. An aide to the Manhattan District Attorney said Hsu’s contributions would be either donated to charity or refunded. Quinn Returning Hsu Money Too [UPDATE: SO’S EVERYONE ELSE]