Rangel’s Party [CORRECTED]

Charlie Rangel's 77th birthday event at Tavern on the Green last night raised more than $1 million, making it one of the largest individual congressional fund-raisers in recent memory. Attendees included Michael Bloomberg, who left right before Hillary Clinton took the stage ( and long before Chuck Schumer arrived), Chevy Chase, Magic Johnson and dozens of other local elected officials.

Bloomberg told attendees that those who think Rangel is the best thing the best thing since slice bread are correct, but barely, since Rangel was born soon after sliced bread was invented. Bloomberg also said that he was the first to endorse Rangel for President.

Clinton said, somewhat more earnestly, “I told Charlie I wouldn’t be anywhere else except right here, with just a few of his closest friends and family to celebrate the birthday of someone who I not only admire, not only respect , but truly, truly love. He is a good human being.”

MASSIVE CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post led with an account from an attendee of a cordial meeting between Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo wasn’t there.

My one source for that part of the item was one of the event’s organizers who has worked with numerous politicians in New York and had been helpful on previous items. I didn’t double-check with the information with Cuomo’s office before publishing the item, which, obviously, I should have. Apologies to Cuomo, Spitzer and you readers.

Rangel’s Party [CORRECTED]