Republicans criticize DeAngelo as soft on indicted officials

Fourteenth District Republican Assembly candidates Tom Goodwin and Adam Bushman today criticized their opponent, Wayne DeAngelo, for telling a newspaper that indicted officials shouldn’t step down unless convicted.

DeAngelo, who’s running on the 14th District Democrat ticket along with Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein and state Senate candidate Seema Singh, told the South Brunswick Post that he did not want to take “a holier than thou attitude,” and that indicted officials should not be forced to resign unless they’ve been through a “fair and due process.”

Goodwin and Bushman seized on the statement, issuing a press release this afternoon.

"Politicians who are under indictment should step down immediately and without question—to continue in office jeopardizes the public trust,” said Republican Assembly candidate Tom Goodwin, who’s facing DeAngelo in November.

Both of DeAngelo’s running mates called on indicted state Senators Sharpe James and Wayne Bryant to resign, along with Bushman and Assemblyman Bill Baroni, who’s running for state Senate at the top of the Republicans’ ticket. Goodwin, however, did not call on the indicted Senators to resign but rather for them to be suspended without pay.

Republicans criticize DeAngelo as soft on indicted officials