Rob Ryan Goes to Work for a Hillary Supporter

In an interesting bit of 2009-related news, The New York Sun noted that John Catismatidis, a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton who said he wants to run for mayor as a Republican, just hired a Republican advisor, Rob Ryan.

Ryan, you may recall, worked for former Yonkers mayor John Spencer in a no-hope Senate bid against Clinton during the course of which he found himself explaining Spencer's contentions that Hillary had had plastic surgery and that she was of a piece with Osama Bin Laden.

Ryan told me he doesn’t see any problem having worked for a bitter Clinton opponent last year and for one of her major financial supporters this year. And he noted that Catsimatidis was a contributor to another former boss of his: George Pataki.

“If my criteria was working with people I totally agree with, I wouldn’t have too much work out there,” he said. Rob Ryan Goes to Work for a Hillary Supporter