Ruff attacks McCullough on property tax relief

Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Ron Ruff says that state Sen. Sonny McCullough is trying to take credit that he doesn’t deserve for property tax relief.

McCullough told the Atlantic City Press yesterday that he was “pleased that local and state officials have worked together to secure desperately needed, supplementary property-tax relief for three communities."

Ruff argued that by voting against the budget, McCullough was voting against the rebate program.

“We can't afford to have someone representing us in Trenton who either doesn't have a clue about what he's voting for or who tries to take credit for measures he voted against,” said Ruff.

McCullough is locked in a fierce battle for his Second District Senate seat with Assemblyman Jim Whelan.

The line of attack Ruff used in today’s press release against McCullough resembles yesterday’s attack by state Sen. Rich Dennison against incumbent Diane Allen for voting in favor of tax rebates but voting against the state budget. Democrats appear to be using similar logic to Republican attacks against them on monetization. Republicans insist that by voting for a budget that included monetization language, the Democrats in effect voted in favor of the controversial policy. Conversely, by voting against the budget, Democrats say, Republicans voted against tax relief.

McCullough responded that he wrote letters to the Department of Community Affairs to get tax relief for four towns, two of which are Democratic. Ruff, he said, was merely playing politics he considers himself above.

“I don’t look at politics the same way maybe some other people look at it,” said McCullough.

Ruff attacks McCullough on property tax relief