Schumer Defends Spitzer, Hank Morris

Chuck Schumer defended Eliot Spitzer and said everyone should move forward and "point to the future."

Someone at New York 1 News sent over a clip of the yet-to-be-aired interview with Schumer. In it, Schumer said:

I find him to be hands on, I find him to be smart. People make mistakes. No question about it. What his administration did, as he said, was a mistake. But he’s moving forward. And I hope everyone will move forward with him. Just as I said with the US Attorneys, now that Gonzales is gone, I hope we can wrap that up quickly and point to the future. I think the same thing would apply to the state.

One major difference there, of course, is that Gonzales resigned and the Spitzer aides involved in the scandal haven't.

In the same interview, Schumer was asked about the troubles surrounding Hank Morris, a political consultant who helped elect Schumer to the Senate. "Well, Hank has been an outstanding political consultant,” he said. “He’s a man of great, great intelligence and perception and I find him to be a person of integrity." He added, "But as for this investigation, I don’t know the details."

The interview with Schumer will air tonight at 10.

Schumer Defends Spitzer, Hank Morris