Sean Kean wants to hold special session on monetization

You can almost hear the groans from legislators at the idea of taking a day off from their summer vacations to return to Trenton. But that’s exactly what Assemblyman Sean Kean wants to do.

Kean, who’s running for the 11th District State Senate seat, wants the legislature to hold a special session devoted to discussing the Republicans’ favorite campaign issue: asset monetization. He was joined in his call by Assembly running mates Dave Rible and Mary Pat Angelini.

"Governor Corzine’s refusal to release any details about his asset monetization plan is quite troubling,” said Kean. “The Legislature needs to be an active participant in any discussion that could result in the sale or lease of state assets,” said Kean.

Kean said he hoped that holding a special session would force the Governor to release more details about the plan, which Republicans have seized on as a campaign issue.

"It is time for Governor’s asset monetization plan to be exposed to the light of day where it can be properly scrutinized,” said Rible.

Derek Roseman, Communications Director of the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee, said he had a better idea for Kean.

"Assemblyman Kean would be better served reminding his constituents to apply for the record levels of property tax relief that Democrats achieved," he said.




Sean Kean wants to hold special session on monetization