So Much For The Craig Moratorium

So forget my earlier assurances that I was done with Larry Craig for the day….

Craig has called a news conference for 4:30 (Eastern time), where he apparently will read a statement. 

A clue of what Craig will say, though, can be found in public comments this afternoon from Mike Crapo, Idaho's other Republican Senator. Crap tells the Idaho Statesman that he spoke with Craig this morning and received the same explanation that Craig offered to the world yesterday for his restroom arrest.  "I take him at his word," Crapo told the paper.

And so, even though his public restroom habits have previously been called into question and even though his home state newspaper ran an exhaustive exploration of his sex life today that strongly suggested a pattern of gay behavior, Craig is sicking with his story that the Minnesota incident — which, mind you, produced a guilty plea on lewd conduct charges from the Senator — was all a misunderstanding. And now, apparently, he is asking his allies to vouch for him with their own reputations. 

Will other fellow Republicans follow Crapo's lead and publicly take Craig at his word? His public appearance is just a few minutes away…

So Much For The Craig Moratorium