Some Things People Were Talking About Today

Will the new N.I.E. put a kink in the “surge is working” storyline? It was enough to convince Senator Warner to speak up – but he still doesn’t think Congress should force the President to withdraw troops.

New Strategic Vision polls on the presidential race in Iowa – look at Richardson moving up! (Looks like someone might end up with some egg on his face)

John Edwards won’t rent out the Lincoln Bedroom, unlike a certain unnamed opponent. If he keeps this up, will Obama be the biggest winner?

Rudy Giuliani will be marketed by the same guys who brought you Rick Santorum, George Pataki, and the Bush 2000 South Carolina campaign.

Liz Cox Barrett has by far the best take on the “Mrs. Obama goes after the Clintons” flare-up

Reagan-Mondale is #43 on this list. (And the Massachusetts native in me wants you to check out #13 as well)

Time asks: Does Rudy Giuliani understand terrorism?

George W. Bush had his strike in Yankee Stadium. Barack Obama has this. Maybe Hillary can hit a hole-in-one?

If Gingrich doesn’t run, maybe he can moderate the debates.

How many college students do you think will show up for MySpace presents: An Evening with Duncan Hunter?

Obama’s trip to Brooklyn had some of our commenters chattering a day later.

Tom Tancredo visits Newark Tuesday. This happens Wednesday. Coincidence?

The Roger Stone controversy, in pictures

Joel Klein, ballot box stuffer


That's all for today — see you all bright and early. Some Things People Were Talking About Today