Spitzer and the Horses

Andrew Mangino and I have a piece in this week’s paper about the upcoming selection of a company to run the state’s horse racing franchise.

One of Eliot Spitzer’s biggest contributors, Richard Fields, has put together a leading bid, which could be making things pretty complicated.

“Spitzer can’t possibly come into office speaking about doing this new way of politics in Albany and then pick the bidder that has Richard Fields—his main guy,” said Alan Mann, who runs the thoroughbred racing blog “Left at the Gate” and has been following the industry for nearly 35 years. “There are political entanglements.”

Donald Trump, a former associate of Fields who ended up bringing a lawsuit against him, thinks Spitzer should simply auction the whole thing off.

I’ve also got a piece about Eliot Spitzer’s controlled reengagement with the press and public this week.

Spitzer and the Horses