Spitzer’s Attacker Claims He’s Being Threatened

Michael Caputo, a Republican operative who has been circulating unflattering news stories about Eliot Spitzer to reporters, said this morning that Democrats are attacking him and threatening his family.

“They made very clear threats to me and my family in New York City,” Caputo said in a radio interview with WROW. “I’m getting abused and threatened. Harassing someone who is just trying to be an active conservative is just silly.”

Caputo declined to specifically characterize the nature of the threats or say who they were coming from.

He added “I’m fairly certainly this is coming from the Democratic side of the aisle.”

Caputo is behind the web site “SpitzerFile.net.”

Christine Anderson, a spokeswoman for Spitzer, declined to comment. Spitzer’s Attacker Claims He’s Being Threatened