The Battle Hymn of The New Republic

Mr. Foer, who’s currently on paternity leave, said by phone that he was “not sure why [Mr. Goldfarb’s] source would need to be anonymous.”

“The people who corroborated Scott’s story all feared punishment, or were worried about the repercussions of going on the record,” Mr. Foer said.

“It was reported as if what the anonymous source said was fact,” Mr. Foer said.

So how can this end? Either the army has to provide enough details to TNR to prove there are inaccuracies, or Mr. Beauchamp has to come forward publicly. And Maj. Lamb could not be reached for comment.

Mr. Foer said that he has not talked to Mr. Beauchamp since TNR concluded its investigation, but he said the soldier has been in contact with his wife, TNR reporter-researcher Elspeth Reeve, once since then.

Mr. Goldfarb, until he hears otherwise, remains unconvinced.

“I don’t understand how a magazine can stand behind the story when the author doesn’t,” Mr. Goldfarb said.

The Battle Hymn of The New Republic