The history of the world in under two minutes

A paper map may be useful in helping you get where you’re going, but it can rarely tell you as much about where you’ve been. The elegant animated charts at Maps of War are diagrams that provide powerful statements about the course of history, and will make you reflect on the directions in which humanity is headed.

A 90-second presentation called History of Religion
pans back and forth across the continents as a map is saturated with colors representing the rises — and conflicts — of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. An animation titled Leadership and War
recaps 250 years of American military conflicts, tabulating the casualties each political party and each president has been responsible for. With minimal introductions and no narration, Maps of War offers a stark reminder that a borderless, conflict-free world is still many miles and millennia in the distance.

Now by popular demand, Venn diagrams and charts with links! Click above for more info.

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