The latest from Christopher Guest (not in a movie theater near you)

In 1984, This Is Spinal Tap set the gold standard for films that parody music acts. With the current popularity of the genre (see “Dick in a Box,” Flight of the Conchords, etc.), now’s the perfect time for the film’s writer (and Spinal Tap co–lead guitarist!) Christopher Guest to return to what he does best — clever send-ups of cheesy rock anthems, in all of their power-chord-laden, expertly-conditioned-mane’d glory. In the Guest-directed spot “Everything Has Changed” — ostensibly to promote new business hardware for Intel — a Tap-esque band plugs in and rocks out in the middle of a corporate office. With silly lyrics (“hardware-based technology/has finally set me free”) sung with intense sincerity, the ad manages to pack the punch of a Guest movie in under three minutes.

Though not actually Spinal Tap, the three musicians are certainly the band’s spiritual descendants. And just like their forefathers, they’re a lot more fun to watch than most of the “real” groups out there.

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The latest from Christopher Guest (not in a movie theater near you)