The Left-Overs: Can The Idaho Statesman Web Site Handle This Traffic?

That’s his story and he’s sticking with it

Statement of Larry Craig

More admissions Craig would now like to take back?

He blamed the media today –  but maybe Craig is really the victim of…Alberto Gonzales?

For years, the folks at the Idaho Values Alliance have really liked Larry Craig and really disliked gay people. Well, they still don’t like gay people.

The Hill reports on an “agitated and demeaning” Craig paying a return visit to the airport police 11 days after his arrest

USA Today has Craig’s booking photos – maybe he should have consulted Tom DeLay?

Is there room on the CBS fall line-up for “Restroom Tales with Chris and Jeff”?

I guess Matthew Continetti isn’t the only one wants to change the subject Do these guys share notes or something?

Ben Smith on Chuck Schumer’s love of a good scalping

Will this affect Chertoff’s A.G. chances – or has the initially cool reaction from Dems already killed his hopes?

Hillary gets the nod of the United Transportation Union

Believe it or not, we still technically have a public financing system for presidential elections

About as thorough a Matt Drudge profile as you’re going to find

Well, that’ll do it for my week-long run here. Thanks for putting up with my various fascinations and preoccupations, not to mention the inordinate number of Larry Craig mentions today. The regular crew will be back tomorrow. The Left-Overs: Can The Idaho Statesman Web Site Handle This Traffic?