The Morning Read

The national scene…

Way to earn that Presidential Medal of Freedom, George Tenet.

Suddenly, those inevitable September G.O.P. Iraq defections may not be so inevitable.

Did Hillary’s comment about the surge at the VFW convention on Monday qualify as a gaffe? Or a deliberate effort at general election positioning? Either way, Barack Obama’s speech yesterday surely went over better with the Democratic base.

Still, Hillary has exceeded expectations in the many Democratic debates – maybe because the bar was set so low to begin with?

An early Florida primary is a very good thing for Hillary – and Roger Simon thinks the D.N.C. might actually sign off on it.

But wait – Michigan wants in too. Is that good news for Edwards, given his union support? And don’t forget, one of his top supporters is David Bonior, a beloved figure in Michigan labor community.

Meanwhile, closer to home…

David Soares to Andrew Cuomo: You’re doing a heckuva job.

Richard Baum faces the music. Kind of.

If Comedy Central ever revives “Crank Yankers,” we may have found a new cast member.

Anyone want to pony up for the Sharpe James Legal Defense Fund?

And in this week’s Observer…

Ray Kelly doing some non-politicking politicking

Rudy’s immigration past comes back to haunt him

Checking in with the Duke of Mass The Morning Read