The Morning Read

The national view…

Surprisingly, the President’s Iraq/Vietnam analogy isn’t going over well with some people

But Dan Rather says he’s ruled out running!

Rudy promises Californians that he will do unto America what he didn’t do unto New York…

…and his G.O.P. foes are only too happy to point out the inconsistencies…

…except that Rudy is hardly the only Republican who’s been attempting a conservative make-over.

Hillary tries to make peace with the Democratic base – again

House Republicans are already revving up for the next election…on December 21, 2008?

Blowing the lid off Big Academia’s donation patterns


Meanwhile, closer to home…

Roger Stone, one-time Nixon staffer, alleges dirty tricks – but what about that Monday night alibi?

Not surprisingly, The Stone Zone is all over this story

Barack does Brooklyn

Mike Bloomberg hangs out with Lefty The Morning Read