The Morning Read

The Torch is back! And he’s apparently been taking lessons from David Chang.  

Edwards takes aim at Hillary – how far will he go with this new theme?

The Washington Post plays up John Warner’s call for a troop withdrawal – even though he doesn’t want Congress to actually do anything about it.

Meanwhile, the Republican Congressman who wants to succeed Warner in the Senate next year is feeling the heat from the anti-war crowd.

Some details on one of Rudy’s new media hires

Rudy beats Hillary, three up arrows to two

The presidential campaign, Vegas-style

Another House GOPer is calling it quits, thanks to a nudge from the feds

But conservative House Democrats could face Lamont-ish challenges in their own primaries next year

Only one “front-running” presidential candidate is a veteran – well, that’s if you count McCain and leave out Ron Paul…

…Not that military service matters to vets themselves

The Sun on Eliot Spitzer’s “whims of exigency” The Morning Read