The Morning Read: Monday, August 6, 2007

Ed Koch, who already endorsed Hillary Clinton, writes in the Washington Post that Michael Bloomberg will run for president. And that you’ll like it.

Michael Bloomberg will report for jury duty this morning.

Private emails from Rich Baum and Eliot Spitzer may not have been turned over to Andrew Cuomo during an investigation.

Here’s a recap of the investigation.

Spitzer’s woes are likely to be good news for Republicans.

Cuomo’s report didn’t focus too much on Joe Bruno’s aides.

Hillary Clinton defends taking contributions from lobbyists.

Clinton may also be getting a lot of money from LGBT voters.

A blogger at the Yearly Kos Convention forced Hillary Clinton to answer questions about unpopular initiatives enacted by her husband.

Rudy Giuliani is popular with people in the tobacco and gambling industries.

Giuliani will tackle the abortion issue head-on.

It’s Chuck Schumer versus Donald Trump at Starrett City.

Christine Quinn may be Bloomberg’s favored candidate in 2009.

Plans to redevelop Coney Island are “dead in the water,” according to a city official.

A senior editor at Forbes is behind an anti-Steve Jobs blog.

George Bush signs a law to legalize warrantless eavesdropping .

David Yepsen agrees with the idea that the upcoming Republican straw poll is really a battle for second and third place.

Errol Louis wants Barack Obama and others to vow never to use nuclear weapons.

New York magazine looks at Hillary’s female army.

The New York Times wants to focus on other scandals in Albany, like the dysfunctional Empire Zones.

The Post-Standard editorial board has a lengthy Q&A with Spitzer.

The Daily News editorial board wants Dennis Gallagher to resign, and wants Christine Quinn to push a new rule that says Council members “automatically lose privilege on indictment.”

And the New York Times is smaller.

The Morning Read: Monday, August 6, 2007