The Morning Read: Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hillary Clinton is giving to charity the $23,000 she received in contributions from donor Norman Hsu.

Hsu will no longer host a September 30 fund-raiser for Clinton in California.

The “Renoir” of dirty politics, Joe Novak, is behind the web site

Eliot Spitzer is now defending Darren Dopp.

The woman accusing Dennis Gallagher of rape filed a complaint against the police.

Representatives of Bovis, a construction company working at the former Deutsche Bank building, faced the public last night and gave few answers.

Bovis has as one of their lobbyists a member of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which hired the company to do work at Ground Zero.

Here’s more on the FDNY captain who said he was following department policy by not inspecting the Deutsche Bank building before the fire that killed two people.

Sheldon Silver said he’ll oppose any changes to the way the state comptroller’s office oversees state pension funds.

Oprah is coming to NY to film an episode of her show dedicated to 9/11.

Owners of Starrett City want to leave the Mitchell-Lama program and bring about 6,000 units up to market rate.

Barack Obama has an op-ed in the Daily News calling for the divestment of funds from Iran.

The Daily News editorial board supports Rudy Giuliani’s right to speak at this year’s 9/11 commemoration ceremony.

And Dana Milbank thinks Michael Bloomberg is “campaigning for the monarchy.”

The Morning Read: Thursday, August 30, 2007