The Morning Read: Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Andrew Cuomo cleared Joe Bruno of wrongdoing based on an ethics opinion that was never written down.

A member of the state Ethics Commission, Carl Lowenson, recused himself from the investigation into Eliot Spitzer.

Spitzer really is a NASCAR fan.

Michael Bloomberg pushed back on Mitt Romney’s criticism of New York for being a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

New York City will get money from the federal government to reduce traffic. Maybe up to $350 million.

The new principal for the city’s first Arabic-themed public school can’t speak the language.

The wife of Rep. Greg Meeks says she’ll run for City Council against an aide to her husband, who hasn’t commented on the situation for some time.

Hillary Clinton’s records from her White House days are locked away in a building in Arkansas.

Ryan Lizza writes about Barack Obama for GQ.

Bill Richardson leaves the door open for a vice presidential slot.

Jerry Nadler makes the case that the investigation into Spitzer is turning into another Whitewater.

The American Prospect has an article explaining why impeaching George Bush and Dick Cheney may not be a good idea.

Grover Norquist sings Karl Rove’s praise.

Bill Hammond remembers Joe Bruno speaking highly of the Ethics Commission.

The New York Sun’s editorial board cheers Bloomberg in his slap at Mitt Romney over immigration.

Newsday’s editorial board wants tighter rules on using state aircraft.

And The Post, in a throwback moment, uses the word “bimbo” in a headline about Bill Clinton.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, August 14, 2007