The Morning Read; Wednesday: August 1, 2007

The mayor commutes in an S.U.V. to the subway.

Republicans in the state Senate said they will conduct hearings into the governor’s aides’ use of the state police to gather travel information about Joe Bruno.

Eliot Spitzer said he’ll be happy to testify in an investigation.

Today is the deadline for Spitzer to either veto or sign a bill that would help steer women on welfare to higher paying jobs in fields dominated by men.

A Republican Assembly candidate won a special election upstate.

Rudy Giuliani disagreed with Michael Bloomberg about moving the September 11th memorial ceremony this year.

Giuliani was unsure of exactly how many uninsured people would benefit from the health care plan he proposed recently.

Beyond hedge funds and private equity firms, Democrats in Washington may be looking for more categories of people to tax.

Rupert Murdoch bought Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal.

Murdoch is now the "most formidable" figure in business news reporting in the country.

A five-member panel will oversee editorial issues and senior editors at the paper.

Other changes at WSJ may include a free web site, more reporters in D.C. and a few more news pages.

The director of Dow Jones, who opposed the deal, resigned yesterday, along with a copy editor.

The New York Sun editorial board backs Spitzer’s opposition to appointing a special prosecutor, and says he should focus on legislation.

Hillary Clinton is widening her lead in the polls by touting her experience, says Jackie Calmes.

Michael Myers thinks black voters should oppose Charles Barron.

And Michael Goodwin said not only that Eliot Spitzer is acting guilty, but that the reputation of the state Inspector General is “another casualty of the case.”

The Morning Read; Wednesday: August 1, 2007