The Morning Read: Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In a Democratic presidential debate in Chicago yesterday, Barack Obama attacked Hillary Clinton for voting for the Iraq War, while Clinton told Obama he shouldn’t think out loud.

The Iraq vote is Obama’s trump card, says Ben.

If you missed it, the Caucus live-blogged the debate, and seemed to come up with a more Hillary-friendly interpretation of what happened.

Obama cancelled a fund-raiser at an all-white club in Manhattan recently.

Eliot Spitzer called for humility in governing in a speech out in Western New York, and deflected questions about whether investigators were given access to private emails sent to him by his aides.

Spitzer’s speech was “an unusual display of introspection,” says the Times Union.

It was also his “most contrite and reflective,” says the Daily News.

Gerald Benjamin said the speech could backfire because it was too intellectual.

The New York Post notes the “humility” speech was delivered by the same guy who also referred to himself as a “f—- steamroller.”

The first public hearing on Spitzer’s Joe Bruno-related issues may take place tomorrow, courtesy of Republicans in the state Senate.

Jill Gardiner has more on my item about Michael Bloomberg buying ads for his quasi-campaign website.

Michael Bloomberg wondered aloud if you have to serve jury duty while president.

Bill Thompson has a plan to avoid a possible fare hike from the MTA.

Con Ed had a tough day answering questions at the City Council.

Jose Serrano thanked Hugo Chavez for his generosity.

Hiarm Monserrate partied with Scientologists in Hollywood.

Michael Goodwin wants Spitzer under oath.

And Barry Bonds broke the home run record, with some noise from critics. The Morning Read: Wednesday, August 8, 2007