The Next Congestion Pricing Poll

Tomorrow, Quinnipiac will release another poll about congestion pricing, a major initiative backed by Michael Bloomberg and Eliot Spitzer and very conspicuously not supported by Sheldon Silver and his members in the Assembly.

Tomorrow's poll will be the first one to come out since the federal government gave New York about $10 million to test some kind of pricing plan to reduce traffic and pollution here.

Results from previous polls about congestion were attacked because they seemed so closely correlated to how the question was asked.

When people were asked about congestion pricing without being given a description of its projected benefits, the plan was not overwhelmingly popular.

When people were told about the benefits of congestion pricing, it suddenly sounded to New Yorkers like a more reasonable price to pay.

Any guesses what tomorrow's poll will show?

UPDATE: An interested party called to note that the federal government is giving New York $354.5 million to improve traffic here, $10 million of which is earmarked specifically for some kind of congestion pricing plan. All of it gets forfeited if some kind of pricing plan is not enacted. The Next Congestion Pricing Poll