The ultimate music playlist

Music is all about mood. There are smooth-jazz days, hard-rock evenings, and even those guilty-pleasure cheesy-pop-ballad moments in between. The brilliance of the Website Musicovery is in its ability to create free playlists for users based on a mixture of factors: mood (you can choose among “dark,” “energetic,” “positive,” and “calm”), era, tempo, genre.

Once you’ve picked your preferences, the fun begins: The site is not only great for listening but also a visual pleasure — handsome, user-friendly graphics explode in DNA-like strands across your screen, displaying your tailor-made selections, with unobtrusive links to purchase music. And with the “discovery” option, there’s a good chance you’ll find a new favorite song you didn’t even know existed.

Now by popular demand, Venn diagrams and charts with links! Click above for more info.

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The ultimate music playlist