The ultimate rock documentary

If the rumors are true, some publishing house is about to pay Keith Richards more than $7 million to write a life story he can no longer remember. But why should some company waste its money when the tale of the most rebellious — and most downright repugnant — rock star has already been told?

In the 1990s, a typical performance by GG Allin and his hardcore punk band, the Murder Junkies, might end with the feral musician stripping naked, inciting his audience to riot, knocking out his own teeth with his microphone, or far, far worse. The 1994 documentary Hated (directed by Todd Phillips, who would go on to make Old School) chronicles Allin on a particularly disastrous visit to Manhattan in 1992, during which he’s banned from NYU and appears on Geraldo. Allin never fulfilled his promise to commit suicide onstage — he died of a heroin overdose in 1993 — but Hated endures as a reminder that it’s far easier to appreciate an iconoclast than to be one.

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