Things being discussed today

The Michigan state Senate approved a January 15 primary and the Governor is expected to sign the new date into law. New Hampshire and Iowa will now move their dates up even further.

We didn’t stay long enough in Vietnam, so let’s make up for it in Iraq – so says the President.

ABC’s Rick Klein asks John Edwards what the best part of his campaign bus. Edwards replies that “It’s comfortable.” Klein doesn’t ask him if it’s as comfortable as his 29-room house in North Carolina.

“Freedom’s Watch” has launched a television campaign designed to build public support for the Iraq troop surge in advance of the supposedly critical September progress report. Footnote: Ari Fleischer is the spokesman for Freedom’s Watch and when he was on “Hardball” this afternoon, he was asked to name the soldier featured in the above-linked ad. He couldn’t.

“The Coach” won’t be sticking around Capitol Hill through 2008, after all.

Now there’s a battle of electoral vote initiatives in the jackpot state of California,

Roger Stone says he was framed an Joe Bruno says the whole phone call fiasco is “a distraction from the real issues” – but Stone is going bye-bye anyway…

…and just as New York Magazine blows a pretty devastating hole in his I-was-at-Frost/Nixon-when-the-calls-were-made alibi.

The Times’ City Room blog has a quick look at Stone’s career – no mention of that swingers ad thing, though.

Staten Island dissed?

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Things being discussed today