Thompson Advisor: Rove is the “Best Asset Out There”

While Democrats take turns hammering Karl Rove today, former Rove associates are paying their respects to a man they invariably refer to as a genius.

Mark Corallo, who was Rove’s spokesman for two years during the Fitzgerald investigation, and who is now a senior advisor to Fred Thompson, said that Rove is instantly the most sought-after campaign talent for the potential Republican nominees.

Whether he is available is another story.

“He’s by far the best asset out there,” said Corallo. “I don’t know that he wants to do any of that, though. My guess is that it is ‘been there, done that’ for him.”

Corallo also guessed that the Republican campaigns aren’t going to be bombarding Rove with direct requests for help.

“Everybody is going to give him a break — if he wants to get involved he’ll let it be known,” he said. “Nobody is going to refuse his call.” Thompson Advisor: Rove is the “Best Asset Out There”