Today’s Left-Overs: At Least Larry Craig Didn’t End Up On Dateline

Will Senator Larry Craig’s men’s room conduct knock Gonzo off the front page?

Bush and Gonzales: You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours

All sorts of information on the resignation

NBC says the successor selection process won’t be long and drawn out probably a good thing, since Bush only has 16 months left

Apparently, David Broder wasn’t listening when Dan Rather said that Mike Bloomberg ruled out running for President next year

Ben Smith brings the surprising news of the International Association of Firefighters endorsing Chris Dodd. Does it really matter, though?

Fred Thompson probably won’t get Haley Barbour’s endorsement

A not-unreasonable assessment of Hillary’s surprisingly (for some) general election prospects

Time provides another example of Karl Rove’s genius: Before his exit from the White House, he said that letting Gonzo go would “make matters worse for Bush”

Just wondering: How is Mitt Romney considered one of the “most moderate” G.O.P. candidates?

And finally….it’s U.S. Open time, and this year the Observer is providing continuous updates throughout the tournament on our new U.S. Open blog. If you like tennis, take a look. And if you don’t like tennis but do like pictures of women playing the flute, then you should still check it out. Today’s Left-Overs: At Least Larry Craig Didn’t End Up On Dateline