Vecsey: Catch Young, Obliging Djokovic While You Can

Yesterday, 20-year-old Novak Djokovic sat in a press room and patiently answered reporters’ questions for more than 25 minutes — far longer than most players. Then he proceeded to grant one-on-one interviews, basically, to anyone who asked.

Is he some new breed of hyper-accommodating athlete?

“He’ll get bored with it after a year,” said New York Times columnist George Vecsey, who was among the scrum peppering him with questions. “It’s refreshing right now because it’s so new, but then he’ll get bored with telling the same life story over and over again. He won’t be as funny or expressive — all it’ll take is one bad experience. I’m not trying to be cynical here, but I’ve seen it before.

“I don’t even think [James] Blake is as open as he was two years ago when it was just magic,” he continued.

For reporters, Vecsey explained, Djokovic’s refreshing openness should mean one thing: “Gotta catch him while you can.”

Vecsey: Catch Young, Obliging Djokovic While You Can