Weiner on Spitzer Aides and Private Email Accounts

I ran into likely mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner earlier on the steps of City Hall, where he and some other elected were having a press conference about school food. I asked him, in his capacity as a relatively tech-savvy public official, what he thought of the fact that some of Eliot Spitzer's top aides were found to have used private email accounts for communications having to do with efforts to gather political dirt on Joe Bruno.

“It’s not uncommon to make sure city and state resources are not used for political uses," he told me. "I use my AOL account all the time."

Of course, part of the issue here is whether the technical fact that some of the emails from the governor's aides were sent from private accounts and private BlackBerrys means that those emails can be kept out of the hands of investigators.

I asked Weiner if there was, as stories have suggested, a parallel between the dodge being employed by Spitzer aides and the use by Karl Rove and White House aides of email accounts from the RNC to discuss the planned firings of out-of-favor U.S. Attorneys. He said that because there is a federal law requiring presidential administrations to keep records of deliberations, but no similar law on the state level, he wasn't sure. Weiner on Spitzer Aides and Private Email Accounts