Wilkins speaks to monetization issue before GOP demand

Atlantic County Republicans didn't waste any time going after their brand new Assembly opponent on monetization, but the new candidate had already fielded a question on the issue in his kick-off press conference.

"I am opposed to any leasing of toll roads," Democratic Assembly candidate Joe Wilkins said emphatically.

Moments after the Democrats announced that they were replacing Second District Assembly candidate Joe Kuehner with Wilkins, Republican Assembly hopefuls Vince Polistina and John Amodeo issued a too-late-to hurt press release demanding to know the new candidate's stance on asset monetization.

Wilkins had answered the question put to him by the press before ever knowing of the demand contained in the release.

“Wilkins is a high-ranking member of the Corzine Administration and the voters of the Second District have every right to know whether he supports the Administration which pays his salary or not,” said the release.

Wilkins resigned yesterday from his post as an assistant commissioner at the Department of Labor.

  Wilkins speaks to monetization issue before GOP demand